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How To Unlock iPhone XR Without Passcode βœ… Free Method

How to unlock iphone xr without passcode

How To Unlock iPhone XR Without Passcode: If your iPhone XR has been locked and you do not have a password, do not fall into despair, here I will tell you in detail how you can solve that problem in various ways.

So keep reading the next few lines so you learn how to remove restriction from your iPhone XR device and you can use it normally again.

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If you can unlock iPhone XR without Passcode?

Perhaps you feel worried that you have forgotten passcode of your iPhone XR this represents a danger for your device, but you can rest assured, unlocking it without need for passwords is not risky, at least not with methods that I will indicate below.

The only thing that may be against doing this type of unlocking is that you run the risk of losing all your information, in case you have not backed up your data, but as for everyone else, there is no problem because your phone it will be as good as new after unlocking.

5 ways how to unlock iPhone XR without passcode

The iPhone XR is a very good phone and one of the most colorful in the range of Apple devices, but like rest, a crash can occur due to either iCloud or passcode. When the password is not available it can be worrying but for that, I have prepared for you several ways of How to unlock need for a password.

Unlock iPhone XR with iTunes

If you forgot your iPhone XR passcode, you can try iTunes but it only works if you have synchronized, all you need to do is delete your iPhone from list and create a backup, then restore. how to do it?

Connect a USB cable to computer and open iTunes from desktop, then, you will see that synchronization will start and click where your device appears, then you will see a backup option or “back up” with this option It will be very useful so you don’t lose all your information.

The next one is “restore“, once you click “confirm” and “accept Apple terms of use” your iPhone will be unlocked and ready to use, but first you must click “restore backup” so that it does not lose the data you had on file.

unlock iphone passcode

Unlock iPhone XR with find my iPhone

It is a method very similar to that of iTunes, however, it can also help unlock your iPhone if you forget a password.

iCloud is one of Apple tools adapted to provide security in theft or loss, but when a password has been forgotten or purchased a second-hand iPhone and is unaware of it, it can become a great problem since you can’t use the basic functions.

The good news is that iCloud offers the “Find my iPhone” option that can help you in this type of case and without the need to restore your data (as long as you have a recent backup)

The steps are as follows: you access official iCloud page and enter the requested data, then you go to “Find my iPhone” option, a new page will appear and you must click on “all devices” and select iPhone that appears on the screen and chooses “delete iPhone” then wait a few minutes for process to be completed and voila, your iPhone will be unlocked without a password.

Unlock iPhone XR without password with Xbypass software

So if you have forgotten password of iPhone XR and need to unlock it, another option you have at your disposal is to download a secure software that will do all the
easier work and for this, you can use Xbypass iPhone, a free program,
fast and very safe.

Because to use it you just have to register on our site and install Xbypass software
iPhone on your computer, connecting USB cable so you can sync
with device.

after the synchronization is done the program will download unlock codes by going into the folder and finally it will delete restriction.

Done, you can use your iPhone XR with all its basic functions, including Siri and

Data Recovery Software

Another method that can save you How to unlock iPhone XR without passcode is data recovery software, for this, you must have your computer and follow the following steps.

Before explaining, it is necessary to mention that there are many possibilities that you could lose your data, in case you have not made a recent backup on your iPhone.

To unlock an iPhone XR after forgetting password you must connect a USB cable to a computer, it is important that it is initially only to the computer and that your device is turned off, then you must keep the start button pressed until the option of recover What it is When you must connect cable to iPhone.

Once this option appears on screen, your iTunes will show two alternatives and you must choose “restore” so that all information can be erased and it happens to reinstall operating system that allows you to update it again normally.

That will take a few minutes, but then you will have your device ready to use with all its functions and without the need for a password.

iPhone XR with DFU mode

Another way how to unlock passcode iPhone XR is DFU mode or device firmware update.

To unlock it with this method, you just have to open iTunes to connect iPhone to computer using a USB cable. The next step is to press the upper and lower volume buttons, at the same time pressing the side button until the screen turns black.

You must hold down the side button and volume button for a few seconds (the
below), then release the side button, but hold down the volume for about 10 seconds until iTunes sends you a notice that detected a device in recovery mode.

Finally, after this notice, you just have to press “Accept” and then
“Restore”. Once you have done this then a package will be download
firmware that will allow iPhone to be unlocked. Done, you can use your
iPhone normally.