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How To Unlock iPhone X Lock Screen βœ… Free 2020

How To Unlock iPhone X Lock Screen

How To Unlock iPhone X Lock Screen: You do not know how to unlock lock screen of your iPhone x and you are
desperate to use your device again? don’t fall into despair here
I will tell you how to solve this problem.

The screen lock is one of the functions that your device has
as a measure of protection against third parties, however, when
the key is a big problem and should be resolved as soon as possible.

But first I want to explain to you what a screen lock means so that
understand the reasons why it occurs and why it is ideal to perform the unlocking in
some cases.

What is lock screen and why does it happen on iPhone X?

The lock screen is one of the functions that your iPhone x has to
greater security is exclusively designed to protect your data against
third parties, especially if the phone has been stolen or lost,
Between other reasons.

Generally when a screen lock occurs they are for the following reasons:

  • Forgot local password.
  • Multiple attempts to access the device with wrong passwords.
  • Suspicious movements.


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How to unlock iPhone x lock screen if it has forgotten password?

When this type of blockage has occurred on screen, it is normal to find
desperate for fear of never using the iPhone device again or
just thinking about losing data.

But here I will tell you some of the ways you can find to unlock screen in a few simple steps:

  1. Forced restart

If your iPhone x encounters a locked screen, a forced restart may
help you solve, what does it consist of? you just have to press
randomly and quickly the volume buttons, both the top and the
down, then the side button until it restarts and the Apple logo appears.

2. With DFU mode

If the unlocking did not work with the previous method and you still have
problems starting, then DFU mode or firmware update could
help you in this case.

To perform this lock you only have to install your device to the computer with
a USB cable and then you must open iTunes.

Then you must press the volume up button and the down button, also the button
side until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears.

The next step is to press and hold the volume down button and the side button for
a few seconds, then release the volume button and press and hold the
side, until iTunes displays a message that a device has been detected
in recovery.

Once this message appears, press “accept” and then “Restore” and that’s it, screen lock has been removed.

How to unlock iPhone x screen lock with Xbypass?

If the other methods didn’t work for you or you didn’t understand how to do it, then
you can choose to unlock screen with Xbypass software, a free program
and it sure will help you with this problem.

To do this, you must carry out the following steps that I will mention below:

1. You must register on our website and enter the requested data.
2. Jailbreak your iPhone x.
3. Install Xbypass iPhone.
4. Connect iPhone x with the help of USB cable to computer to
sync up.
5. Wait for the program to perform the unlocking and press “OK”.
6. Ready, your iPhone x will be like new and without screen lock.

Why is the iPhone Xbypass a great option for screen unlock of your iPhone X?

The Xbypass iPhone is the fast, simple, and safe software you were looking for
because it has everything you are looking for and without additional costs, but besides that, for
the following reasons:

● It is available for GSM AND MEID devices.
● Your data is protected.
Supports up to iOs 13.6
Remove screen lock, carrier lock, and even iCloud.
● After the process, your phone is like new and works all
basic services such as iCloud, Siri, messages, calls, among others.

Xbypass software is the ideal program for your iPhone X and any Apple device,
What are you waiting to download it?