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How to unlock blacklisted iphone 💥 Free Software

how to unlock blacklisted iphone

¿You bought an iPhone and it is blacklisted and you don’t know how to unlock it? Do not worry, the right place has arrived because I am going to teach you how to unlock iPhone from blacklisted in next few lines.

So grab your iPhone, your computer, turn on the wifi and USB cable, so you can make this process quick and easy. With help of free and secure software that will help you remove that restriction. ¿do you want to know what it is then Read below?

How to unlock iPhone from blacklisted for free?

If you are tired of some software that really cost a lot of money, well this is over Thanks Xbypass, a software designed to help you unlock your iPhone from blacklist. In a totally free, and also secure since it has authorization from  APA and ISO protocols.

To unlock your iPhone from blacklist for free just follow steps below.

Register your data on our website.

The step you must take is to register the data requested from our website so that you can proceed to download Xbypass software.

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After you have registered you can start download Free Software, but you must jailbreak idevice.


Before proceeding with installation, it is essential to jailbreak device, it is done through a software called checkra1n, it injects exploit that removes restrictions and allows us to enter all folders of device to be able to unlock it.

Installation and synchronization

Now yes, since iPhone is vulnerable so that Xbypass can yield to unlock folders. It is the right time to install it, you need to connect the device with a USB cable to your computer and synchronize.


After successful synchronization and installation, you must press
in the “unlock now” option in this way, Xbypass Software download unlocks codes and in just a few minutes you will be notified that your iPhone has been unlocked by IMEI.
Just to make sure that the process has been successful, you must insert the card
SIM to check.

Why Unlock iPhone From Blacklisted With Xbypass?

Unlocking iPhone from blacklist with Xbypass iPhone is best option
that you can find on web to remove the restriction on your device, because
is a totally safe program, which has nothing to envy other software
that cost a lot of money.