A court reminds a physical education teacher of his/her obligations when attending a student with diabetes

The Court also warns the plaintiff in the judgment of “civil, disciplinary or criminal” liabilities that could lead to “inaction” in the face of a health emergency

The magistrate of the Court of the Contentious-administrative number 1 of Vigo has dismissed the lawsuit interposed by a professor of physical education of a Center of Infantile and Primary Education (CEIP) of Vigo in front of the Department of Culture, Education and Ordination University of Galicia because he understood that he had not resolved to “express” the issues he had raised about his obligations related to the care of a student who has diabetes.

The judge indicates that requests for information from the plaintiff were “promptly answered” by the Department, while emphasizing that “the content of the duties of all those who make up the educational community in relation to students who They suffer from a chronic pathology such as diabetes, it appears clearly reflected in the autonomic protocol and in the specifically elaborated in relation to the child “.

The titular of the Court of the Contentious-administrative number 1 of Vigo also warns the plaintiff in the judgment on the liabilities “civil, disciplinary or penal” that could carry a “inaction” before a health emergency. In Addition, he reminds you that because of his status as a physical education teacher he has “a special duty of vigilance” on the child, because the risk of hypoglycemia is greater when practicing exercise.

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