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Jailbreak Checkra1n

Jailbreak Checkra1n

Jailbreak Checkra1n: With the release of a new jailbreak tool called (Checkra1n) based on an exploit called checkm8 by its discoverer @axi0mX, it makes everyone in jailbreak community excited, where they immediately did not hesitate to call it the best jailbreak in history.

To understand a little better so much emotion from developers and users let’s talk a little about:

What is jailbreak Checkra1n? and their characteristics

Jailbreak in its simplest translation “jailbreak” refers to the process of removing the limitations of Apple mobile operating system. For the installation of App not allowed within the ecosystem due to its nature.

This is accomplished in two ways, finding vulnerabilities within software or hardware level of the computer, to achieve the release and to install a package manager without affecting the stability of the system.

All the current and recent jailbreaks have been achieved from Software, finding the limitation of having to stay in a specific version of iOS if you want to keep it.

The same developers who find these vulnerabilities, notify Apple for verification and correction in future versions, this means that they always end up being fixed and makes it difficult to keep your computer updated with the latest iOS if you want to keep the jailbreak. All these changes with exploit called checkm8, achieved in the bootrom of several computers in block (Hardware) the same It is patched in recent iPhone but remains from iPhone 4S to iPhone x What does this mean that it does not matter iOS that Have no matter what update Apple issues, it can’t be patched. Checkra1n is being called the Jailbreak for Life. This hasn’t been done for over 10 years.

Jailbreak news

Jailbreak itself is not piracy, it allows the installation of third-party App on iPhone, where there is a wide variety of them that allow the modification with total freedom of the resources and options of the system, for the enhancement of the iOS.

Currently, the app stores in the jailbreak have evolved a lot, Today we can find four main stores, Cydia, first, the best known, the most stable, Sileo, Zebra, and Installer, more than stores, they are package managers where you have to add repos of the developers to do the installation of the tweaks or app.

You can find an app to visually change the screen, modify the type of letters, buttons, it can manage everything you can imagine, there are even applications that better manage the device that you get from Apple by default.

There you can incur piracy by supporting it, installing cracked apps, which are nothing more than paid applications, which are modified for installation without going through the box on the web, you can find this type of repos, hacking apps from the official AppStore as well as doing tweaks or jailbreak app.


You have to be very careful when installing Tweaks or cracked apps, because you do not know with what intention that developer made that modification, you do not know what information or hidden malware is in it, although  Jailbreak itself is safe, by allowing the installation of any apps You must be very careful about where they come from.

The best way to support a developer is to buy their content, to maintain future support and for the entire community to benefit.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t forget to leave your comment.