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How To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone 7 Plus 2020

How To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone 7 Plus

how to Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone 7 Plus: Activation lock is one of the security options available to your iPhone 7 plus device and any other device of this brand, but in certain cases can happen directly to the owner and forget the access data, which causes a problem.

This is your case, don’t worry, in the next few lines, I will tell you how To Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone 7 Plus and use it normally again.

What is activation lock on iPhone 7 plus?

We all want our devices to be protected, right? ok iPhone
knows this very well and that is why among its security options it has developed the
activation lock, which is nothing more than an option that prevents third parties from
people can use your cell phone.

Activation lock is typical of all iPhone models, including, for
Of course, the iPhone 7 plus and is activated with the option of “Find device

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Why can an activation lock occur?

The reasons why an activation lock can occur on your device
iPhone is as follows:

  • You forgot your password or Apple ID.

If you have forgotten your access password or Apple ID, it is normal that a
activation lock.

  • Loss or theft.

If you have lost your iPhone 7 plus or it has been stolen, the protection measure of the
What you have is an activation lock, just go to the option “Find my iPhone“.

  • The previous owner leaves the function active.

If your iPhone 7 plus is second-hand, it may happen that the previous owner
forgot to turn off Activation Lock.

Methods to know how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 7 plus 2020 Free

iCloud Bypass Activation Lock On iPhone 7 Plus

It does not matter for which of the above cases your device has been locked
activation, to solve this problem you can try some of these

  1. Search Previous Owner Help

If the iCloud Activation Lock occurred because device is
second hand and the previous owner forgot to disable the feature, the best is
contact him to deactivate and erase data, so you can create
your own account.

2. With a DNS

DNS is the acronym for domain name system and is a method that
It can help you bypass iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone 7 Plus.

The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Turn on iPhone 7 plus or reboot to start the process.
  2. Complete the setup.
  3. Connect to the Wifi network.
  4.  Press “Start”.
  5.  Press “Wifi Settings”.
  6.  Press the “i” icon.
  7.  Press “Configure DNS”.
  8. Press “Manual”.
  9.  Click “Add Server”.
  10. Add the server address, some options are as follows:


United States:
Africa, Australia, among others:


    11. Press “Save”.
    12. Press “Back”.
    13. Press “Join this network”.
    14. Enter the password and then press “Join”.
    15. Press the back button to take you to the Wifi screen.
    16. Done, configure and you will have bypassed activation lock.

How to bypass activation lock on iPhone 7 plus with
free software?

If the above methods do not work for you or you prefer something faster and more secure,
you can opt for free software, and this time I am going to recommend the
more suitable:  Xbypass XTool

With the  Xbypass unlocking process is super simple and fast, but
best of all is that it is totally safe and without additional costs like others
programs, which in many cases turn out to be a scam.

The  Xbypass is a program designed to unlock iPhone devices,
works from iOS 9 and the most recent iOS 13.6.1 (14 Beta) and also works for
GSM and MEID devices, among other great advantages.

teach you how to do without further ado, let me unlock with this

  1. Register the requested data on our website, such as the IMEI, which
    you will get on the SIM card, specifically on the tray.
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone 7 plus so that the program can access it. Carry out the jailbreak by downloading  checkra1n tool, which is the one that injects the Xploit checkm8, which violates all the security of Apple devices.
  3. Download, Install and run Xbypass software, but first make sure to connect the
    USB cable to a computer to sync with iPhone.
  4. Wait for the screen to turn on and press “continue” so that the
    software access and inject the Xploit which will delete folder.
  5. Ready, wait a few minutes and the unlock will be complete.


Once the process is complete, your iPhone 7 Plus will be like new, with all
the basic functions and you can create your account again.