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🔵 XBypass XTool 🔵 iCloud Bypass  Activation For iPhone & iPad 2020

iBoxTool 2019/2020 Free Download for Windows & Full Review


iBoxtool2019: An issue found by almost all users of Apple devices is iCloud activation lock. Since it has very effective security on such devices.

There are many who buy a second-hand iPhone or iPad, and when they are going to place their Apple ID they find the great surprise that they are registered with someone else’s iCloud account and they are already logged in.

It is one of the tools that help solve this kind of problem. With this tool, users can get rid of iCloud lock without a password. with which the device is activated iBoxtool 2019 It is a tool that works very well I have already used it and managed to unlock devices this year.

What is iBoxtool2019 / 2020?

And you are software that has been created for users of Apple devices who want to get rid of iCloud activation lock and enter the device without knowing the password of the current account.

This kind of tool is beneficial to all users who have purchased an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad and is linked to iCloud account of the previous owner.

If the new owner does not have a password, it is very difficult to undo someone’s lock, so we recommend this tool to give you a solution to your problem.

how to use iboxtool2019?

The process of iBoxtool to unlock your device are as follows.

  1. Download and install iBoxTool 2019 on your computer.
  2. After starting the tool, turn off your iPhone. And put it in DFU mode.
  3. Once you have it in DFU mode, connect your device to PC and wait until iBoxTool detects it.
  4. Press the “Remove iCloud Lock” button and wait while the program disables lock. Your iPhone will turn off and back on once it is complete.
  5. Whether or not this will really benefit you is not guaranteed. We conducted our own tests and the results we found were not excellent.

iBoxtool works 2019/2020?

It works correctly since I have used it many times to unlock my device this week they brought me a locked device and thanks to this wonderful tool I was able to unlock zeal to a friend who forgot his Apple ID password.

How to download iboxtool 2019?

To download iboxtool2019 you have to be very careful since it still does not have an official website But we have a copy of it you and we are willing to share it with all our users who want to try it this branch works 90% You just have to know how to use it only you must follow the steps we have discussed.