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How To Remove Screen Lock on iPhone 2020

How To Remove Screen Lock On iPhone: A locked screen can be a problem since it prevents us from being able to use our cell phone normally. This also usually happens that we have forgotten the code, you have entered the wrong password many times, or your screen has broken, not being able to access your device normally is a big problem, but there are several methods to access it. If you don’t know how to remove screen lock on iPhone 11 / 11PRO / 11PRO MAX / X / XS / XS MAX / 8 / 8PLUS / 7 / 7PLUS / 6S / 6SPLUS here we will show you some methods that have worked correctly.

XBypass XTool 2020
XBypass XTool 2020

1. This is the easiest way how to remove screen lock on iPhone or iPad


If you don’t know how to remove screen lock on iPhone or iPad, and you are looking on the web for some simple, fast and effective method, here we will show you how to download our XBypass tool for unlocking passwords.

This tool allows you to access your locked iDevice immediately. You must follow the steps that I will explain to you below.

  1.  Download our tool for unlocking screen on iPhone or iPad, it is totally free, you just have to install it on your pc available for windows and mac.
  2. Connect your device to your pc, using the USB cable and click on \ “start \”.
  3. Download zip file, and then press the “unlock now” button.

  When the whole process finished, Restore it with your backup and set your iPad, iPhone as new. Add a new password, Apple ID, Face ID, and new Touch ID.

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2. How to Bypass Lock Passcode With iTunes

Another way for those users who do not know how to bypass iPhone lock passcode is with iTunes, this works if you have your device synchronized with iTunes. This is a method that can take much longer, and that will delete all the information from the iPad, iPhone as well as the unlock code, to perform this method it is also required to perform these steps.

1. Connect your iPad to the pc, and open iTunes

2. Click on the iPhone icon and press the restore iPhone button.

Note: If iTunes cannot restore your device and asks you to enter the unlock passcode, you must put the iDevice in DFU mode, in order to restore it.

3. Wait a few seconds for the restoration to advance, and click on restore backup with iTunes, when the configuration screen appears. When the restoration is finished, you must select the iDevice from iTunes.

⚠️ Xbypass iCloud Unlock Tool ⚠️

How to bypass lock screen with iCloud

There is another method, to be able to unlock your device if you do not know how to remove iPhone screen lock. It is about unlocking through iCloud, which can also remove the device and the password you have. To know how to carry out this process we will show you these steps.

1. The first thing you have to do is go to the following website and enter your Apple ID if you have one.

2. Access the devices in the window, and choose your iPhone or iPad and select the option \ “Delete iPhone \” then you must configure it and enter a new code available in iOS 12/13/14.

How to unlock a locked iPhone with iCloud account?

If you are a new user in the world of Apple devices and you want to do a bit about how the security of these devices is, you have reached the correct web. Here we are going to teach you how to unlock an iPhone an iPad locked with iCloud account.

Many people are looking for how to unlock an iPhone by iCloud like crazy since they have acquired a second-hand iPhone and when they go to configure it they find that they already have an iCloud account.

In case you do not know the option to block my iPhone through iCloud is the best measure, which all Apple devices bring, this security has been the best since the beginning of iOS 7 and it started to get stronger when the iOS 8.
This iCloud security leaves the device unusable, and it is very good so that anyone who finds your device cannot access it.

Instructions to be able to unlock an iPhone locked with iCloud account.

In this new paragraph, we will explain in detail everything you need to do to know how to unlock an iPhone with an iCloud account. There are several methods to be able to delete iCloud permanently.

We can do it and Bypass to skip iCloud activation screen and thus be able to enter the device, but first, we must jailbreak to be able to enter the folder where we can change the activation files and thus manage to configure the device as new.

But when doing this we must find a good method since all of them do not work correctly, and when the device is restarted it returns and crashes. We recommend our XBypass software, which has been a software that has unlocked 256,876 devices.

The characteristics of this tool are that it remover iCloud from the root and the device is activated with all its original files, the iPhone remains working with all its characteristics, such as calls, data, touch ID, face ID, you can enter a new Apple ID, etc.

How to unlock an iPhone without a password?

If you can not access your iPhone or iPad for any reason, for example, that you have changed the password and you do not remember, or anyone took your iDevice and wanted to enter it and entered the code more than 10 times, it must appear in The screen displays this message \ “iPhone is disabled Try it in 1-minute \” This is a situation that any user of any Apple device likes to be, therefore in this post, we will explain how to unlock an iPhone without a password.

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How to unlock an iPhone without password with XBypass Free

In this part, we will use a very good and effective tool to unlock an iPhone. So instead of being mind-boggling and stressful, to know how to unlock an iPhone without a password, you can use our XBypass XTool software that works on any iOS.

To solve your problem you just have to follow these steps.

Note: The operation to unlock an iPhone will not only remove password or passcode, but it will also remove all the data you have on your iPhone, it is best that we recommend making a backup copy before starting the process.

  1.  The first thing to do is download XBypass on your pc, run it and select the “unlock now” option.
  2.  Then connect your iPhone iOS via USB cable, and so the XBypass program will automatically recognize it.
  3.  Your iPhone will be enabled with XBypass and you will receive a message saying trust iPhone.
  4. Click on the \ “start \” button
  5. Put your iPhone in DFU mode and follow all the instructions.
  6. In this last step, this tool will proceed to erase the password, for that, you must select  “unlock now ” you only have to wait a few minutes, until the program remover passcode of iPhone and your device is unlocked, you only have to set everything as new and enter a new password.


How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Free

You have probably already looked for a lot of tools that are useful or can help you bypass iCloud activation lock, and solve this problem that causes many users of the well-known brand apple a headache. However, I invite you to stay on this website to indicate all the tools that are available to remove this blockage.

A tool to bypass iCloud activation lock.

XBypass Software
Doulci activator

XBypass is a very effective and creative program that helps anyone who needs to delete iCloud on any iDevice since they have lost their cell phone or have forgotten their iCloud password. In addition to being able to unlock iCloud account, you can also unlock touch ID, face ID and the best thing is that you can unlock an iPhone without a password. And for that, you do not need to know much about programming since it is a very simple software, and you do not need any configuration to be able to bypass iCloud activation lock. You just have to follow our steps and be able to download our tool.

iBoxTool2019 this tool is very good to bypass activation lock without password of any iPhone, iPad, or any apple device in different iOS, this tool is based on the web that allows activating iDevice without password. You just have to visit this website and register your IMEI or serial number, and your device will be unlocked in a few days.

Doulci activator this is another way to bypass iCloud activation lock, it is with the oldest and most effective doulci activator tool, this program is compatible with almost all iOS devices, such as the latest iOS 13.6 and (14 beta) This works by connecting your iPhone to your computer and choosing the name of the device, and the firmware that your iPhone or iPad is running and it will immediately begin unlocking quickly.